Compugraphics Receives Supplier of the Year Award by FUJIFILM Dimatix

Press Release: Compugraphics Receives Supplier of the Year Award by FUJIFILM Dimatix

WATERBURY, Conn, USA, July 20, 2017 – Compugraphics, a photomask manufacturer based in the US and UK, and a business operated as a division of MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions, was given the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” award by FUJIFILM Dimatix for their West Coast operations. Vishwa Gajendra, Dimatix’s Director of Quality, stated that “Compugraphics front-end technical expertise is exceptional.” Oftentimes, Compugraphics’ experience and attention to detail detected data errors that were missed by Dimatix, and saved Dimatix considerable time and money. John T. Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager of Compugraphics added, “Our extra effort and dedication bring added value to Compugraphics’ accurate and fast delivery service, and are the main reason why we were recognized with this coveted award.”

Dimatix has granted Compugraphics with the “sole supplier” status. Being a neighbor to their Santa Clara, California site, we can make same day delivery from our Fremont, California manufacturing facility. No other photomask provider has this logistical advantage.

Compugraphics photomasks are used to image wafers that are used to make “chips” that are used as electrical components in various Dimatix inkjet products. These inkjets dispense a wide range of viscous fluids including hot melt, solvent-based, aqueous and UV-curable inks used in graphics, marking, textile manufacturing and other applications. They also offer precision printhead products and systems for micro-jetting picoliter-sized droplets of a broad range of functional fluids – from liquid silver to organic “inks” – onto all types of surfaces, from flat panel displays and flexible electronic circuits to DNA arrays for the biosciences.

MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions is a business under MacDermid Performance Solutions which is a subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products Corporation. Our businesses manufacture a broad range of specialty chemicals and materials which are used in multi-step technological processes that enhance the products people use every day. Our innovative materials and processes are creating more opportunities and efficiencies for companies across key industries – including electronics, graphic arts, metal & plastic plating, and offshore oil production.

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