Which Mask Data Formats can you use for mask making?

The mask writing tools at Compugraphics currently all use a data format called MEBES that was defined by Etec, the manufacturer of these tools. (Not to be confused with MEBES machines, which are a range of mask writing tools, where the format was first used.) Any other data formats provided by customers need to be converted into the MEBES format in order to manufacture the mask. If you are not able to provide MEBES data, our preferred format is Calma GDSII Stream, sometimes known by any of these three names. We use software called CATS to convert this to MEBES. Other acceptable formats are: Electromask, David Mann, Caltech Intermediate Format (CIF), OASIS, Gerber, and Varian. See separate FAQ on the use of AutoCAD DXF for masks We cannot accept formats such as IGES, although other companies can provide software or conversion services to convert these formats into Calma GDSII Stream. If you have further questions about data formats, please contact our Data Processing department (customer-support-uk@compugraphics.com).

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