IEEE Conference Bangalore

IEEE Conference

Compugraphics exhibited and presented at the second IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics in Bangalore last month. The conference boasted a number of speakers, all giving their insight into innovation in India and what technology the world can expect in the next few years.

The IEEE invites innovators, both young and old, to share information about their projects and what they predict for the future of emerging technology.

The event was a great opportunity to meet academics and learn about their work. Compugraphics went along to find out about the latest advances in technology and talk about how our photomasks can be applied to these technologies.

Compugraphics’ Business Development Manager, Michael McCallion and our Marketing Manager, David Clarkson, gave a talk on the benefits of using photomasks over other forms of lithography and provided insight into Compugraphics’ expertise. A Q&A session followed and the audience were keen to tell us the issues they face with photolithography.


We learned that photomask users struggle to maintain and clean their masks. Some were even using the wrong chemicals for cleaning which contaminated and corrode the mask in the long term.

Compugraphics found that many research establishments are still using 1x projection Lithography, however, some have moved on to E-Beam Direct Write for their high end R & D requirements. We found this creates a gap between what can be achieved in research and what can be achieved in manufacturing in India.

As Compugraphics work closely with academics we understand that in order to close this gap, research must be relevant to manufacture. This can be achieved through researchers working closer to industry to understand what is actually required for manufacturing.

The IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics was inspiring and Compugraphics is proud to have been a part of the event. We look forward to attending the event next year to find out how electronics in India has advanced even more.

If you are an academic or working on R+D projects, why not contact us to find out how Compugraphics can help you?

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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