New Mask Storage Service

Compugraphics now offers  a reticle storage service that allows customers to store their photomasks in a secure and controlled environment at one of our facilities in the US or Europe.

We understand that a lot of our customers use our photomasks and may not have use for them for long periods of time. As throwing the reticle away and getting another when required is not cost effective, photomasks are often stored in conditions that can be detrimental to their quality or even cause these valuable assets to be destroyed prematurely.

Compugraphics store reticles in a safe and secure storage environment where temperature & humidity are controlled.

The storage facility also has:

  • Limited access via coded entrance
  • 24 hour recorded surveillance video of storage area
  • Tamper evidence seals on cleanroom totes as required
  • Fire protection
  • One door for entrance & exit
  • Dedicated computer to manage database with no network links
  • Storage database backed up weekly & stored in

Recertification of reticles:

  • 1 – KLA SL3UVHR Starlight tool – provides defect detection capability down to 0.13 um
  • Horiba pd3000a Surface inspection-.5um chrome surface-5um glass side surface-10um pellicle surface
  • 1 – KLA SL/301 Combination Starlight & 300 series die-to-die inspection system for hard & soft defect detection to 0.2 um
  • 1 – AVI / PDMS-152 defect metrology system – repeatable down to 5 nm

If you have any reticles you would like Compugraphics to store then please get in touch.

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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