New Compugraphics Workshops

Damaged pellicle

Compugraphics understand how precious time is to our customers and the detrimental effect damaging photomasks, or pellicles, through incorrect handling, can have on production time. Many of our customers require support with ordering and the design of their photomasks which, again, costs valuable time.

Because of this, in the New Year Compugraphics is introducing a new workshop service that will allow our customers to benefit from our knowledge that we have acquired over our 40+ years’ experience. Compugraphics will offer a Workshop that will share our expertise on photomask and pellicle handling, mask cleaning and many other processes that can help to increase our customers’ operational efficiency. We will also offer bespoke workshops should you require tuition on a specific area.

We aim to provide our customers with all the knowledge they need to ensure processes are executed efficiently and manufacturing time is not effected. Click here to learn about Diodes who came in for pellicle handling training in November.

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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