NXP Award Best Supplier Quality

The award was announced at NXP’s first-ever Best Supplier Awards at the company’s Supplier Day on September 1, 2011. The event drew participation from NXP’s global supply base with over 90 suppliers across 17 countries represented.

Suppliers from equipment, materials, external manufacturing and indirect spend areas participated in the event, which was hosted by NXP’s chief executive officer and members of the NXP management team.

“By implementing our global Supplier Day and Awards, we are striving to strengthen relationships with key leading suppliers who are committed to jointly delivering maximum value to our customers through constant value improvement and cost leadership,” said Rick Clemmer, president and CEO, NXP Semiconductors. To recognize outstanding contributions, NXP presented awards to its best performing suppliers across four different award categories:

  • Front End Materials & Equipment
  • Back End Materials & Equipment
  • Indirect Materials and Services
  • Quality

The Compugraphics team was delighted to scoop the Best Supplier award for Quality.

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