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In December 2014 Compugraphics announced, due to popular demand, the launch of our new workshop service. Since the announcement we have presented a number of workshops and continue to conduct research that allows us to hone in on the information our customers value.

Last week Cathy Widner, US Customer Solutions Manager, visited the University of Texas and shared her 30+ years’ experience with a group of students explaining common photomask terms, cost factors and data format options. This particular workshop, which is a beginner’s guide to photomasks, has proven to be very popular among students with 2 more scheduled at other universities in November.

In this workshop students can learn about:

  • Parity
  • Critical dimensions
  • CD specification and requirements
  • Defect specifications
  • Registrations specs
  • Data formats
  • Defining data
  • And much more…

Who are the workshops for?

Compugraphics’ workshops are for anyone that uses masks and wants to learn more about the photolithography process or increase the life of their existing photomasks.

We provide a number of workshops from basic, to advanced for:

  • Nanofabrication Facilities
  • Start-up companies
  • Small and medium size companies
  • Global IC manufacturers
  • R & D Institutes
  • Universities

What will you get from the workshops?

This all depends on your photomask knowledge and what you want to learn. We have customers with very basic knowledge who require a breakdown of all the terminology and an in depth session on what photomask are or what they are used for? To veteran photomask users with advanced knowledge that just need some advice on subjects like photomask handling or cleaning.

Those who attend the workshops can benefit from:

  • Understanding of photolithography terminology
  • Increase the life of your photomasks
  • Quicker data entry
  • Defect free data

How do you book a workshop?

Simply get in touch. We offer workshops on a variety of topics such as:

  • Photomask cleaning
  • Pellicle application & handling
  • Help ordering masks
  • Preparing data

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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