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Diodes Incorporated recently visited our Glenrothes facility for Pellicle handling training after informing Compugraphics that they were having problems with Pellicles breaking due to poor handling. Pellicles being damaged in this way is a common problem among our clients and one that costs a lot of time to fix.

Without the proper training Photomask users may damage a Pellicle by touching the film or through contamination. If this occurs then the Pellicle must be replaced. This involves sending the Photomask back to Compugraphics, our technicians removing the Pellicle, cleaning the Photomask, applying a new Pellicle and then sending the repaired Photomask back to our customer. A lengthy process indeed and not one you want to go through when working to tight deadlines.

Compugraphics Photomask handling Training

To solve this problem Compugraphics invited Diodes in to our Glenrothes facility in Scotland for a Pellicle Handling Workshop. The training consisted of a full day session where the team received tuition on the various stages of Photomask manufacture and handling. The second part of the training was a practical session which took place in our Clean Rooms. The team were given a hands-on demonstration of how a Pellicle is attached to a Photomask and the intricacies involved in this process.

The team from Diodes Incorporated were extremely happy with the knowledge they gained from the day. The team are now aware of the laborious process technicians must go through when a Pellicle is damaged. As a result of the workshop, going forward, the team know how to handle Photomasks correctly resulting in less Pellicles being damaged and therefore operational efficiency within Diodes Incorporated improving.

One of the team members from Diodes Incorporated said: “Visiting compugraphics was a real eye opener. We went there not having a clue what to expect. It was the first time many of the team had been in a Fab that wasn’t Diodes. We feel after the experience, we know a lot more about Photomasks in general, how they’re made and the process involved. More importantly for us how much work, time and effort go into the damaged if we mishandle a Photomask”.

If you would like training on pellicle handling or any other subject then please contact us to find out how we can help you.

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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