Data Formats

Choosing Your Software

1920x1200-PEOPLE03There are a number of software packages available for designing your photomask, but the two main data formats are GDSII and OASIS.

GDSII has been the industry standard for over 30 years, however, it is limited to only 256 layers. OASIS, a more modern format, possesses the ability to handle larger fileS much more efficiently, especially if there is aggressive OPC.  It also offers the user access to as many layers as needed for advanced process descriptions.

Another common format is DXF/DWG produced by AutoCAD compliant packages. DXF is an acceptable format and requires an additional conversion but, not all AutoCAD constructs and drawing methods translate well to mask structures. If you intend to supply DXF, it will save a lot of time, money and possible conversion errors, if you follow the document; “AutoCAD Mask Rules”.

Please note – We also accept CIF data formats however, we recommend OASIS or GDSII.

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