New Exposure Tool

New exposure tool

We are pleased to announce Compugraphics will purchase photomask manufacturing equipment from one of our customers to increase our capacity. A CORE2564 system will come to Scotland which will add a third more manufacturing capacity to the site in Glenrothes.

What does this mean for Compugraphics?

The new equipment creates room for us to grow the business. It will also create more headroom for us to manage the day to day, week to week volatility in demand that characterises the life of the photomask supplier. Our customers regularly tell us that we offer the highest level of service in the photomask industry and it’s exciting for us to be able to create room for more customers to experience this for themselves.

So what does this new tool mean for our customers?

The consistency of service levels, on time delivery and turnaround time are all recognised by our customers as best in class and customers tell us all the time that this is what really matters to them. Our performance against these metrics is the cornerstone of our reputation in the industry. We cannot however rest on our laurels, as a part of Compugraphics’ continuous improvement journey this investment is a significant milestone. It creates opportunity for us to improve these metrics even further.

Brian Young, General Manager for UK operations stated: “We are delighted that this new tool is coming to Glenrothes – my team have earned this opportunity through the service they provide. It’s exciting because it improves our ability to cope with peaks in demand from existing customers and creates growth opportunity for us”.

More information coming soon..

We will be tracking the progress of the new tool’s delivery and sharing the journey with our customers via our website and social channels. The new tool is born out of Compugraphics’ passion for continually improving our service and is a reflection of the company’s success.

Look out for more information about the tool or get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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