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Compugraphics has offices in: Glenrothes; Scotland, Jena; Germany, Fremont California; USA and Austin Texas; USA. As the year is coming to a close we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the year and look at some of the accomplishments at each of our facilities.

Our Jena office had a lot to celebrate this year as they manufactured their 1000th 14” mask in January and in March Jena produced their 5000th 9” Photomask! Jena now possesses 16” repair capabilities and improved their defect specifications. Jena also made fantastic developments in glass working and cutting. This means that Compugraphics can now offer not only non-standard rectangular formats, but even structured parts with customized form from our Jena office.

The US team also had good news in 2014 with a successful move from our Los Gatos facility to our Fremont facility. Since the move the US team has been working to achieve operational excellence and in October the Fremont facility celebrated the transition period coming to an end and gaining this title. The US team also had a Dry Etch system installed in the Fremont facility meaning this facility can now advance 1 technology node.

Our Glenrothes Facility don’t really need a reason to celebrate (they’re Scottish) but the facility also had a great year. Glenrothes received the NMI Top 10 Supplier Award in 2014, this is 4th year Compugraphics has come in the top 10 out of 100 suppliers. The NMI conducts an annual survey of the UK microchip manufacturing sites to obtain inputs regarding their suppliers. The poll asks key staff to vote for their best supplier, based on the following criteria:

  • Flexibility & responsiveness to customer requests
  • Quality of product or service
  • Business impact of service or product
  • Continuous improvement practices

We were all beaming with pride in last month when the Rossetta Mission was declared a success as Photomasks created in both Jena and Glenrothes were used in the historic comet landing on the 12th November (read more about this by clicking here).

Compugraphics is proud of all our facilities. In May 2014 each facility received the OMG Safety Excellence Award demonstrating a companywide commitment to creating a safe environment for Compugraphics’ employees.

In 2015, and each year after, Compugraphics will carry on proving our commitment to Continuous Improvement and to providing an excellent level of service to our customers.

Written by David Clarkson, Marketing Manager

David Clarkson

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