Archiving Data

Storing Data for a Minimum of 10 Years

1920x1200-PRODUCT40 As part of our quality management system and compliance to standards, we store and archive your design data, and all of our quality records, for a minimum of 10 years.

If required we can store your data indefinitely. We understand there are instances where this is not required, for example, where security or compliance are concerned. If this is the case then your information does not need to be stored at all.

Peace of Mind

You can be confident in the knowledge that in the event that you lose or damage a mask then we can replace it easily.  Equally, we can provide you with peace of mind by knowing your security can never be compromised as we can ensure all trace of your data is erased after mask manufacture is complete.


Did you know:  One of our customers accidentally destroyed a mask from 1991 that was still in use? The customer no longer had the mask data but fortunately it wasn’t a problem as Compugraphics did.

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