Data Approval

Verifying Your Data

1920x1200-PEOPLE10When we have all we need – design data, technical instructions and payment details, we will begin to process your order.

We encourage a final verification data approval step before committing the mask to manufacture. Your design will have been through some manipulation to create each individual mask  and the tone/mirroring will be set during our data preparation.  This allows you the opportunity to review the final data that will be sent to the lithography tools, and enables you to make any changes/corrections before any costs are incurred.

We will work with you to define the best method for data verification. Our preferred method is to return the data to you in OASIS format. This is the most efficient and we can help you download a free OASIS viewer (KLAYOUT). You can then store the final mask data with your original design for your records.

We also offer remote view where you can log in to our system and view your data using our software.