Next generation of Photomask available at Compugraphic

Photomasks with good resolution and registration available up to a size of 450mm x 450mm.

You can buy Photomask at Compugraphics in 3 different types: The first type is our standard Photomasks and they are available from 3 till 16 inch all around the world shipped from Scotland, Germany and USA. We manufacture also advanced Photomask products. These are e.g. Reticles or Masks with submicron features. They are available for you from Scotland and from the US. In Jena, Germany you can order up from now the next generation of large area masks with a size of 450 mm x 450 mm. They are available like all our Mask products in material Sodalime, BoroFloat or Quartz. These masks have a resolution down to a single-digit micron range and a high accuracy over the holy mask area of 450mm x 450mm. These new large area masks from Compugraphics already delivered to several customers and we got positive feedback from all of them. One customer pointed out his impression about the compliance over the entire Mask area with the specification. He got an 18″ Mask with a resolution up to 5 µm features and within a tolerance of ±500nm. The registration on this Sodalime Mask was smaller than 2 µm.